About Us!

Sai Sharnam International PG (Hostel) for boys is ideally located in comfortable places where students and work professionals can find it easily. We keep in mind the needs of people who are in a search of rooms which is like home for them. Our interiors are beautiful and luxurious with so many facilities. We are located in prime location near Rohini. It is one of the best and cost efficient PG for students in Delhi Technological University (DTU), AditiMahavidhyala, ShaheedSukhdev College of Business studies, BhagvanParshuram Institute of Technology (BPIT) and more.
It is also best suited for work professionals near Rohini. We support healthy living and that's why we make our rooms neat, clean, spacious and well-maintained. You'll also get best quality food served at Sai Sharnam International PG. And there is also easy transportation facility through buses, metro, rickshaws and sharing three wheelers.