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It is said that there is no place like home and we do believe in this saying and that's why we bring to you SaiSharnamboy's hostel in Rohini. Here you can experience the feel of home, as we provide you with best services possible. We are located in the prime location of Delhi, which makes it easy for people who are looking for hostel in affordable price. We work really hard to meet every need of your and give you the happiness while your stay. The interiors of the hostel in luxurious and spacious with well-furnished rooms, free Wi-Fi facility and well organized and clean dining area and so many other facilities which you'll get to know below:
Sai Sharnam Boy’s Hostel in Rohini provides you with best facilities which includes 24x7 electricity power backup that helps you focus more on your studies and work. We have biometric system in our hostel, so that no one from outside can harm you. The PG is equipped with free WI-FI, by which you can surf the internet and be in trends always. We have a proper mess area with professional cooks who prepare food with taste and hygiene. Here you’ll always get hot and cold running water whole day. The water is purified and the RO machine go through daily check for smooth running. We are also providing you with lift service for your better comfort.
Our hostel has well maintained room and have separate washing area which make it less messy for you. The rooms are cleaned daily and we take care of the hygiene. The most important thing that people look in a hostel is food service, and here you’ll be getting best food served. We have a team of professional cooks who take care of food taste. CCTV camera system at the hostel make the place more secure and crime free.
People think that living in hostel is not a save place, but we make our hostel not just better, but full of facilities as well. The resident of SaiSahrnam has always taken care of guest’s comfort and safety and that’s why SaiSharnam build up Boy’s hostel in Rohini the most comfortable Location of Delhi. The dedication you get here will not get anywhere else, the spirit of the hostel management helps our PG to grow bigger and better. Our hostel’s door is open for every culture and we welcome it with great sincerity and love. You’ll never feel like you’re living in hostel, you’ll always get a positive vibe like your sweet home.
Not always you have negative effects of living in PG. When you live in hostel, you get in touch with other people with whom you got to learn many things. When you see some guy doing exercise next to you, you'll also get motivated to do it daily and make a habit of it to be healthy. So never thing negative about a hostel, because here in SaiSharnam PG you'll meet some of the best people.