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At Sai Ram Sharnam PG we provide you Hot and Cold RO that gives you clean and purified water that won’t let you suffering from any kind of disease and illness. We make sure that we use superior quality and latest equipment to give you perfect benefit of your living in our hostel. The machine we have in our PG are specialized membranes and exert a certain amount of water pressure to remove dirt particle from the water and make it more clean and pure.
Daily drinking more and enough water is a healthy habit and vise decision. You don’t have lots of choice when it comes to drink water, but we make our guest to have pure water which is healthy for them and did not get any disease from them. And as we know that now a days lots of diseases are spread through water only. So when you are planning to stay at SaiSharnam PG, then you don’t have to worry about water, because we provide the best quality of water.