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If you are young and studying in Delhi and looking for a safe place to live, then SaiSharnam PG is the right place for you. SaiSharnam PG is located near Delhi Technology University which benefits so many student, as they can save their time of travelling and also get easy transportation by rickshaw, auto, metro, etc. from both the sides. We provide the best accommodation for the tenants with great facilities that you love at affordable price. When you are planning to stay to PG then there will be no better place than SaiSharnamPG near Delhi Technology University.
We keep in the view of the need of students who look for better living far from their home. The very first facility you got is that you save your time in travelling and focus more on your studies. SaiSharnam your second home is located nearDelhi Technology Universitywith modern interiors and spacious room that are fully furnished and clean. We bring you the opportunity to live in place that is no less than you’re home and also friendly to your pocket. PG management has also taken care of your daily needs, just like your mother did for you at home.
The hostel is roused by ability and driven by developments and is immovably dedicated to give industry-significant, socially-dependable human powerto meet all the requirements and difficulties of 21st Century. Weare in the habit of improving ourselves as per the guest’s need and bring the best of us to you. We assure you that you will definitely love our services and will prefer to others as well. We aim to establish our hostel as one of the excellent area to live far from your home. To provide you with friendly environment that is suitable for you.
PG near Delhi Technology Universityis a great benefit for the students and we want that no one should suffer when they want to study hard and don’t want to break their focus. When you are studying in DTU, you need so much strength and hard work to survive and clear all the year with good marks and grace. It is more important to have comfortable living for those students who come especially to study here and leave their home and city behind. SaiSharnam PG is making great efforts day by day to fulfill all your need and make your life more suitable.
So if you are a student who are looking for save living at affordable price, then we are here to always help you and give you all the facilities that you are looking in a PG. You can go through our website to check all the information related to this hostel and all the services we provide. On our website you’ll get the right and correct information of the PG and all the real photos of the PG is uploaded. So give it a try and visit us so that you can have an idea why we are different from others.