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Finding a great hostel is very difficult, and when you find one you don't feel satisfied with the place and services of the hostel and also wasted their lots of money. PG near DTU focus should be student's priority and needs who are staying in the PG. People want a living that fits in their budget. We always aim to improve ourselves for the betterment of our guests. Here you'll get the perfect accommodation with comfort and true value of money. We offer a friendly environment latest facilities and daily needs that truly matters for the people who stay in our PG, a clean mess area, multiple room with separate washing area, free wifi facility, professional cooks, Hot and Cold Ro, Life service, 24X7 Electricity back up, biometric, and so many other. You can have easy transportation from outside the PG from rickshaw, metro, auto etc.
PG near DTU bring so much facility and benefits as student will have no worry of travelling, they can save time and do more focus on their studies. Once you visit us, you’ll definitely see the difference and love your stay here. We are happy to welcome you in our PG which is comfy and great place to live. The surrounding of the area are clean and hygienic.
The interiors are luxury with well-maintained room and other areas of the hostel. We offer you wonderfully relaxing environment that calms you down from all the tensions of your life and drive your focus to your study only. PG near DTU makes full efforts to bring the life and enjoyment in the PG, so you won’t feel that you are away from your home. SaiSharnam PG can provide you little paradise that you are lacking in totally different city.
We provide you with the cheapest and best facilities at our PG that you won’t get anywhere else, that’s our promise to you and we keep our promises by working hard for you to give you better life far from your home. The aim of this hostel is to make all the students should develop self-managed traits in themselves, which help the society to have more good people with such good quality traits.
If you want to know about all the facilities we provide, then we should suggest you to go through SaiSharnam PG website, which updates their information daily and provides you with correct information, so that you can have right idea of how much money you’ll spend and save. Our PG is equipped with latest modern techniques which help the students of today’s generation to adjust easily without their parents. The quality of food we prepared here is go through daily check and then served to all the guest in the PG. We urge you to visit our PG once and feel the difference of living in a Hostel.