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At our PG we have hired professional cooks at our amenities who give you food that is high in quality and taste. We bring the feel of your home in the food we serve. The mess area is neat and clean and we prepared food daily with full hygiene. The menu changed weekly and decided by the hostel management. A professional cook is someone who made food with fresh oil and vegetables. They got the talent to cook for a large quantity and still bring the perfect taste in it.
We know that your health is important and so it is for us, that's why we make sure to provide you with healthy food. Our cook also use fresh and clean water which is the base of food. A cook is responsible for the food prepared, everything depends on them and we don't want your health to be suffer because of bad food. Our food get daily check by the hostel members and only after getting fully quality check itis given to the guest who are living in our hostel.